About the Comic

Name: Second Sky
Started: November 2014
Launch: November 2019
Genre: Adventure

Summary: Overwhelmed by the demands of day-to-day life, Lanata Lancaster is a young woman who turns her back on everything she knows to escape into a place where dreams and reality are the same. Holding onto the precious memory of her childhood friend, Apple, she finds herself alongside a living nightmare named Taxy, who offers to take her anywhere in the Dreamscape in exchange for fallen stars.

Overview: Second Sky is a story for all ages about freedom, love, friendship — and traveling! When the false sun known as the Abyss blankets over the whole sky in darkness, it’s up to Lanata and Taxy to light up the Dreamscape again. As the world stays locked within one time of day and season, the stars begin to fall while a group of people known as the Crows begin to rise, spiraling the Dreamscape into an age of Endless Fall.

It was inspired by own experiences in life, particularly my experience growing up as a teenager while being too scared to learn how to drive.

About the Artist

Pen Name: Sabo Hana
Born: January 1, 1996
Age: 23
Nationality: Filipina/Jamaican-American

I’ve been drawing for my whole life. My interest in art and storytelling was sparked by the anime/manga and video games my older brother introduced to me as a kid.
I was first inspired to write Second Sky as a novel for National Novel Writing Month as a horror-themed counterpart to Lost Overseas, another story of mine which is currently being developed to become a comic series as well.

Before I decided to pursue art, I was a pre-nursing student finishing her second year at a two-year college.

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